05/21/2007: "Brewblogue - Nut Brown Jenkins"

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Water: 7 gallons OB tap water

  • 1.5lbs Crystal 60
  • 3oz British Chocolate
  • 3oz Roasted Barley

Extract: 6lbs liquid pilsner extract
Yeast: Yeast cake from Polyp Porter secondary (WLP004-Irish Ale)
  • 1oz. 4.8%AA Styrian Goldings @ 60min
  • 1oz. 4.8%AA Styrian Goldings @ 15min
  • 0.75oz Cascade @ 5min

Etc: 5oz brown sugar

So this beer was mainly conceived as a method of not wasting the yeast from the last batch and putting together an inexpensive beer in general. In fact, when you factor out the fact that Home Brew Mart accidentally overcharged me (they rang me up for 6 plastic buckets and 1lb of extract - which would not make for the tastiest of brews...) the whole 5 gallon batch only cost a grand total of about $22. Not too shabby... I should do lower (read: normal) alcohol beers more often. That said I'm not entirely sure how this one is going to turn out since there was way less of a yeast cake at the bottom of the Polyp than I was expecting... I just hope I don't get bananayness (bananessitude? bananosity? um, banana flavors) from underpitching, but if I do I'll still drink it, bananas be damned. I drank all of Steamboy after all, and it tasted pretty much like liquid plastic (I still have no idea why that happened...). The other reason behind this beer, besides just brewing for its own sake, was that Lynnea really likes browns and I never make anything she likes, so I thought I'd actually do something she'd enjoy for once. Of course, the other other reason was for the name. Because it's the best beer name ever. And if you don't think it's the best beer name ever, then you probably are most likely unfamiliar with The Dreams in the Witch House, and I suggest that your time would be more adequately spent poring over a Lovecraft volume or two than reading tawdry little blog posts on some backwater website.

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Well my dear, my time is *never* spent poring over lovecraft volumes because I don't like them. but that aside, I think the name is darling, even if I don't get the reference.

[Lynnea] on Monday, May 21st

Tawdry? What?

[mary] on Monday, May 28th

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