04/20/2007: "Shocking Sidebar Updates!"

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It's really uncanny how the entire work week can go by with day after day of glorious sunny weather, then suddenly the weekend hits and it's dark and cold and gloomy out. And today at least it's really killing my motivation to do anything resembling any of the creativesque activities that I for some reason believe myself to be capable of whilst I sit at work designing spam emails or AJAX applications or whatever it is that I do. So, instead of writing or drawing or playing the guitar (I should note that my utter lack of talent in any of these things further dissuades me from them) I decided to, yes, you guessed it, update my sidebar.

Mostly I needed to get rid of the links to the internet radio stations that each seem not have to existed for quite some time now. Also took off Blue's News since PC gaming has stopped being interesting to me lately, while more and more cool stuff is coming out on the consoles. What can I say, I just don't find the prospect of shelling out hundreds of dollars every year or two on video cards and processors and memory just so I can play the latest FPS - now darker, grittier, and extra blood-drenched! - such an appealing concept. So in their place I've added dublab, another internet radio station that I enjoy quite a bit, and my two favorite comics blogs that aren't Tim's.

Under the friends section Jonathan has been taken off since I don't think his blog exists anymore, and Lynnea's myspace has taken his place. Now the interesting thing about Lynnea's myspace, is that she did not tell me that it existed, which it has for a couple months now at least, until a few days ago. Which initially caused me some amount of consternation. I guess she thought I would make fun of her because its myspace and all, and true I would have, but still, that was kinda awkward.

Anyway, that's all that's been going on around this place. That and I'm working my way steadily through Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. Which reminds me, the Wikipedia entry on Castlevania refers to Dracula as often being a "load bearing boss" which is possibly the greatest video game term I have ever heard. Huh, it's gone from gloomy outside to raining heavily. Neat.

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Hee hee, I am shocked that you put my myspace page on your blog. I'm just too trendy for words. oh wait. myspace isn't so trendy anymore. it's just dorky! I guess that means I'm a dork.

[lynnea] on Friday, April 20th

You are wrong my friend. I have simply created a new blog. It is here: http://nlnwjiir.blogspot.com/.
I got rid of the old one because--let's face--I said some pretty nasty things about some very powerful people--things that in my future line of work could definitely come back to haunt me. Anyway, most of that was written just after Idiot boy got re-elected (there I go again). Anyway, I plan on calling everyone soon. I have a new place in Pacific Beach which I hope everyone will check out soon.

[Jonathan] on Saturday, April 21st

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