04/06/2005: "Movies about the Amish"

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So it seems like I've finally hit the stage where my daily reading and writing is beginning to wear on me. The reading's not too bad except that I'm theorhetically supposed to do it for about an hour which has been seeming like a more and more significant chunk of time lately. Which might just be because I'm getting a little tired of The Diamond Age. Not that it's not a really enjoyable book, but it seems incredibly long. I've been reading it for an hour or more a day for almost two weeks now after all. I think I'll definitely have to work up to Proust and Pynchon on the shelves over there.

But no, it's really the writing that's been giving me trouble. Other than a couple days of brief sea-shanty related inspiration last week, I haven't been able to come up with anything that seems even remotely worth writing down. In fact I've just been scribbling down a few couplets here and there for the last couple days, then moving on to whatever it is I'm actually in the mood to do. Which, interestingly, is currently video games. I wonder if I charted out the amount of interests given to my main groups of hobbies if I would come up with anything telling. Because they currently do seem to phase in and out seemingly at random. For example, two or three weeks ago I could care less about any video games and wouldn't really have been concerned had I never touched another one. And now I'm in a state where that's all I'm in the mood to do and yet I haven't watched any anime in weeks despite having been almost at the end of Martian Successor Nadesico and mostly enjoying it (though it was starting to get a little surreal).

Anyway not much going down tonight. I finally got to watch The Village which I'm still mildly annoyed I didn't get to see in the theatre. Mostly just because that broke my M. Night streak. I definitly enjoyed The Village though if you ask me he's still yet to match Unbreakable. Of course the funny thing is is that M. Night is supposedly known for his movies having weird and crazy plot twists at the end or whatever when in reality he should be known for wanting to be Hitchcock. But it occurs to me that in addition to his usual supernatural MacGuffin (ghosts, superheros, aliens, um monstery things), the "twist ending" thing is actually his own personal MacGuffin. The popcorn munchers out there just go to his flicks to see what crazy twist ending is in this one and walk out going "Whoa. M'man Sammy was illin' like a villain all along. That's off the hizzy." or however popcorn munchers talk. But they've totally missed the point of the movie, which is to rip off Hitchcock. No no no, I kid. I love M. Night. Still, one must admit the the similarites are there. I mean, Signs was practically shot in the same house as The Birds. Anywho, enough casual film analysis. I got games to play.

[As a side note I've just realized that you can mock the Amish all you want online.]

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