04/04/2005: "Skimming Incoherent"

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It seems that for the last week or so I've been saving my writing until it's about the last thing I do before bed. Which I guess isn't too crazy, considering that night time is the right time, and that I generally coast down from alert into introspective as the night wears on, before finally submerging into sleep (except for the nights when I skim along incoherent for awhile first, but I digress). But still, introspection or no, there's the procrastination factor to think about, which doesn't seem like a good thing.

But anyway, so for lack of anything more exciting to talk about (unless you wanted to hear the exciting chronicles of installing Win2k on a 5-year old laptop) I thought I would mention the time change and how despite the fact that I was a zombie for the vast majority of today thanks to the hour's loss, I actually kinda like it. (Stop me if I mentioned this last fall. I may have. I'm sure not gonna look though). What, you say? You like the time change? But... but that is something to complain about. Why aren't you complaining? Did I click on the wrong site? Ok, I reply, sure, I'll admit that for those of us who are night people yet go to church in the morning today's time change does in fact actually remove any purpose of going to said church since any christian sentiment you may have is replaced by what feels like large, rusty, metal files being dragged outward through every orifice in your head, and also ruins the rest of your sunday to boot. Sure, that I'll concede. (Oh, and yes, you probably did click on the wrong site.) But thing about the time change is I fall for it. Every time. The day before I think to myself, "So tomorrow there'll be this much light at 7. Huh." But when the next day comes around and it's 7:30 or something and it's still light out I'm just like, "Sweet jumpin monkey on a floor lamp! Look how light it is outside!" Call me a sucker, or not terribly observant, or what have you, but I do fall for it. And will probably continue to for the next couple of days. And you know, it feels nice to fall for something every now and then. Makes me feel more in touch with my fellow Americans. I'm just hoping that it doesn't mean that I'll just starting staying up until 3 or 4 and getting up after noon now.

But at any rate it doesn't mean that tonight. I know some people out there (especially the chipper and sickeningly annoying young college student types) like to brag about how they never get more than five hours of sleep a night, but I'm running off six and a good bout of unconsciousness is sounding mighty fine right now.

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