04/09/2005: "Sadako's Tracker"

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So, I just finished watching My Dinner With Andre for the second time. Lynnea hadn't seen it before and it's the kind of cold, somewhat dreary, night which seemed right for a movie of its pacing. And once again I'm struck at what an incredible piece of film it is. I possibly even enjoyed it more the second time. The thing is, even though it's just two hours of two characters eating dinner and talking, I hardly notice the time going by at all. It's just too fascinating. Of course it probably helps that they spend a decent amount of the second half of the movie talking about how most people simply live habitually and are never fully awake to the realities of life, which if you're new to the site, is something that's been bothering me for a long time. It used to be practically all I blogged about.

Anyway, I was glad that Lynnea liked it too, though I think she was close to falling asleep toward the end, if she actually didn't. It was a little late at night for her though. But if you've never seen it, the movie has my highest recommendation, though I can see alot of people not having the attention span for it.

On a slightly lighter note I noticed that The Ring 2 is playing right now. I never saw The Ring, though I did see Ringu (I subscribe to the "If it's a remake just watch the original" school of thought) which was such a good movie that I can only assume it's better than the remake. Maybe that's just my elitism at work but I can't think of any remakes that are better than the original. For some reason the subject always makes me think about distribution methods for the video. I suppose if it were done nowadays people would just be swapping it around on bittorrent. I can just see it... Seed 1:1 with seven days or you die! There'd be hundreds of seeds for the file, people would be desperately hoping for leechers. And probably the MPAA would be renaming it putting it on kazaa to get back at the file sharers. It'd be great. Also on the subject of foreign film, there's this movie that I saw several years ago (in my International Film class I'm fairly sure) that's appearently still lurking around in my subconscious that I can't remember the name of or even really most of the plot of, though it appearently has left some deep impressions on my mind. All I remember is that there's a scene involving watching the 1934 version of Frankenstein, wind-swept hills, and some kind of metaphor involving bees. If anyone one knows what it is, shoot me an email. Otherwise I think I'll eventually have to go digging though my old "files" (read: large boxes full of loose paper and other refuse) and see if I can find the film list for the class. I should probably find it anyway so that I can remember the name of that horrid Australian movie about the girl with the fat, completely insane sister so that I can avoid it in the future. Oh wait... was it Sweetie? Yep, it was. *shudder*

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