03/17/2005: "Further Determination"

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So tired... must stay awake to blog. Must not break policy.

No, I'm not actually tired enough that forming coherent sentences is difficult, but close though. It's past 3am and we just got back from the Decemberists show up in Eugene. And as tired as I am it was definitly worth the trip. I don't know if every Decemberists show is that much fun or if it was just this one, but that was a seriously great show. They were mostly doing new stuff off of Picaresque (which unfortunatly isn't out till tuesday so I couldn't nab a copy at the show.) but they did a few old ones, and the new stuff was really enjoyable (I think it says alot that I was able to enjoy alot of the songs I'd never heard before as much as the ones I know by heart). They ended with some sort of long epic (but rokkin') song about whales and revenge which was really fantastic, but then they got called out for two encores the last of which was some Irish drinking or other in honor of St. Patrick's Day. I think everybody was having a great time. It was loads of fun.

I can't exactly say the same for Okkervil River. We only got there in time for about their last 5 songs, but they sounded kinda thrashy and not very together. But it's the first night of the tour so I suppose some slack might be cut. And of course it's always possible that they're one of those bands that just doesn't sound so good live. Such bands exist.

But anyway, it's ridiculously late and I'm deadly tired, plus I still have a little bit of reading to get in before I call it a night. But at least my dedication to not collapsing once more into decadence has stood firm another day.

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