03/27/2005: "Return"

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So, I'm back from the trip. Actually I've been back since yesterday and I actually did put together a travelblogue over the course of the trip that I was intending to edit and compile today into one long travel post, but, holiday that it is, I've only been home for a few hours total today and am now so inordinately tired that it's all I can really do to tap a few keys before shambling off to bed land. Plus most of the entries are on my laptop and I don't really feel like digging it out and copying them over at the moment.

Speaking of the holiness of the day, I'm really not that into Easter. I mean sure, I'm in favor of what it stands for and all that, but that's really something you should be celebrating every day, if you want to get all churchy about it. Easter generally just means that church goes way too long and is filled with tourists. And seriously, if you want your christian holiday to bear much weight shouldn't you at least discourge people from using the name of a pagan goddess as its title? But I digress. Anyway, despite my lack of enthuaism for Easter in general, the specific was pretty good this year. Both my sisters came to town and my grandma and uncle came for dinner and it was a good time. And my almost-five year old niece was loaded with sugar and quite literally bouncing of the walls. Seriously, it looked like it should have hurt. But we didn't get back here until 6 and then Lynnea wanted to go see her mom and stuff (quite reasonable considering that we'd been hanging out with my family all day, but still I just wanted to stay home and read) so we hopped back in my car and drove out there, and we didn't get back until almost 9 I think. And as I said, I'm really sleepy.

Anyway, expect the travel report tomorrow. For now, I sleep.

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