03/16/2005: "Determination"

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So, I guess I'm just barely getting any writing in today. But it's a quarter to one and I just now got my day's reading in (finished Martian Time-Slip, by the way, which was great) and the thing is, I know myself. The day I skip my reading or my writing is the day the system will fall apart. I mean sure, I might skip a day and go back to doing it the day after, but that will be the first crack that eventually tears the structure down. Best to keep at it. Which might be a little difficult over the course of both tomorrow and the the upcoming vacation, but I can't let my determination slip for any reason. If I don't get home until 3 tomorrow night (which is a distinct possiblity) and I haven't gotten any reading done or written anything (which hopefully won't be the case) I'll keep myself awake until it's done. Otherwise I'm afraid I'll end up going back to the old system where I do nothing but sponge up media and output nothing.

Anyway, the day wasn't too exciting. But due to lack of anything else to write I'm appearently going to write about it anyway. (You know, I was looking at the archives last night after I finally got the new style applied to them, and in the early days of this blog I actually went about trying to say intelligent things and whatnot. Boggles the ol' mind, don't it?) After Lynnea got home from her final (she's in the middle of finals week, poor thing) we went over to her aunt and uncle's house (techincally her great aunt and uncle though they're never referred to as such, though I think they're at least in the 60s somewhere) to fix their computer. They're great. Her aunt (whom I decided tonight might best be described as an auntie) Chaunsa is Thai, about four feet tall, and always stuffs us full of Thai food whenever we go over there. Which I'm always in favor of. And Howard on the other hand, is 6'+, solidly midwestern looking, and because I can't think of another word to describe him, completely goofy. They're loads of fun. Anyway so after eating glass noodles and chicken satay, and getting the computer taken care of, we ran a few errands and came back home. At which point I decided to reblacken my hair since it was in serious need. Which led to a slightly amusing story wherein my face got chemical burns from Dr. Bronner's soap, but I'm too tired to tell that at the moment. Let's just say that when a significant other doesn't remember that you're in the shower and turns on the cold water elsewhere, it is not a good time to have somewhat caustic soap on your face. At least most of the red is gone at this point...

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