03/14/2005: "Overhaul"

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So... I don't suppose you notice anything... shall we say different... about the 'ol website? Yep, believe it or not I actually went ahead and gave the overhaul it's been needing for over a year now. You people didn't think I'd actually do it, did you? I actually didn't really intend to update it today, except that I was bored and had a few free moments so I finally managed to fix the sidebar (you'll notice it goes all the way to the bottom of the page now, like it was always intended to do) and once I had that fixed I decided I might as well overhaul the whole site. I gave some thought to completely redoing all the graphics, but eventually I decided that I'd kinda just dig a notepapery look. I tried actually scanning a piece of note paper but it didn't end up quite like I wanted, so I finally just drew one of my own. I think it turned out pretty nice, although getting the top, middle, and bottom to line up was hell. Cause see, I had to make the middle dynamic so that it would size to however big the blog entry would be. Actually the more I think that I actually pulled it off the more impressed with myself I am.

Anyway, I've tested it in Firefox (where it shows up the best) and IE6 (which had just a tiny bit of wonkiness, but it's a wonky browser, so I'm not that surprised). If anything looks messed up on anyone's system drop me a line at the contact address on the sidebar. It should be pretty cross compatible though, as long as you're running a recent browser. And you really should just be running Firefox, unless you're on Mac or something. Firefox rules.

Alright, well that's it for tonight. This may not be much of a post but I've working on this blog for hours now and it's good enough for me. But believe it or not, I have another update in store for the future, something that, if I can get it to work, will blow your sweet minds. But for now, enjoy the papery feeling.

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