03/13/2005: "Weekend Gubbish"

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So it's 8pm on sunday and, like usual, I can't quite figure out exactly where the weekend went. Sure, I've got another 5-6 hours before I'll actually go to bed but damn, this was a short one. And my last normal weekend until April I just realized. Lynnea and I are taking off next saturday to head southward for a week. We'll be swinging though Frisco on sunday then on down to San Diego for a few days. Should be fun to get out for a bit. Not only that but this wednesday we're heading up to Eugene to catch my favorite band, The Decemberists who are on tour with another band I dig called Okkervil River. Yep, nothing like an extra 6 hours of driving in a week that already promises to be filled with it. Oh well, I won't be able to complain that I never go anywhere for awhile.

So, you ask me, what in the name of Hecky Joe were you up to this weekend? I really couldn't tell you. I know I've spent a pretty good chunk of time reading Martian Time-Slip by the venerable PKD, which, true to form, contains alot more discussion of schitzophrenia (and other neuroses) than really anything else. But also true to form, it's a pretty good time. I think my problem is that I never really woke up yesterday. Or rather I did a little in the evening after I had some dinner and some coffee and some beer, but then I just watched an MST3k and went to bed. And today we just went to my parents', had lunch, I installed a new hard drive for them, and we came home. So I guess the weekend is shot. Ah well, it's not like I actually work much more than 20 hours a week. Anyway, I've now written something, thus fulfilling my compact with the dark forces who grant me my ability to live my lavishly immobile lifestyle. I'm going to scuttle off now and make another cup of genmai to try and wake me up some more.

"Hecky Joe" ? Sometimes I think my brain it has problems.

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