03/06/2005: "He is filled with turtle meat"

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Well, it's 11:25 at night and I've yet to write anything, and seeing as this is only the second day of my administration's new write-something-every-day policy I can't start slipping just yet. And since I highly doubt I'm going to be stuck by a firey muse at this point in the evening, that leaves blogging. Of course, that said, I don't really have a whole lot to blog about tonight. It wasn't the most exciting day. The one cool thing (or at least cool to the likes of me) is that I found out about this program called Samurize which basically lets you collect all kinds of data from various sources - your own computer, various bits of software, the web - and set it up to be displayed as part of your desktop or as a persistant sidebar, or what have you. I've always seen screen shots that had that kinda thing and wanted to do it myself but I never knew what software you used. And it's free no less. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then here, take a look at this (note the Serial Experiments Lain wallpaper, tre chic, no?). Samurize is giving me all that system information stuff at the bottom of the screen, updated in real time. It actually took me a couple hours to put that setup together, but I think it's pretty cool (Note to the techies out there: I Photoshopped in the - it does give you your actual external IP). And you can set it up to put RSS feeds out there, weather, info from Winamp, Azureus, whatever you want mostly. It takes a bit of messing around to get a feel for the configuration, but once you have it down it's pretty easy. Well, anyway, I was impressed.

Those with nothing better to do will also notice that I'm currently taking an intermission from watching MST3k episode 312, better known as Gamera vs. Guiron. What happened to ol' Gamera? I mean in this one he's flying around in space helping confused children battle some kind of, I don't know, space vixens with a pet knife-headed monster, I guess they are. And he's got his own adorable theme song sung by children in Japanese. Possibly even Japanese children, I can't be sure. But I just can't help remembering when he was referred to as "the Devil's Envoy." And he ate fire. And he liked to smash Tokyo in retaliation to their nuclear testing. Or in retaliation to somebody's nuclear testing at least, I don't really remember who now. But the point is, Smashing. Retaliation. Fire-Eating. DEVIL'S ENVOY. But, you know, I guess even Gojira himself got soft over the years, and he was offing people by the tens of thousands in that first movie. Now Mothra on the other hand, Mothra's got it goin on, what with his whole being worshipped as a god bit. Mothra understands: less is more. I tell ya, unless Gamera shapes up sometime in the next couple movies he's never gonna get worshipped by teams of nubile young dancing types. And deep down, isn't that most of us really want?

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