03/10/2005: "Minor Updates"

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First of all, site news! A very cursory glance will reveal that I have done some minor updates to the sidebar. One of these days I'm actually going to redesign the site so that it, you know, works, and is not crappy. I mean, I am a professional web/graphic designer. You'd think that I'd have my site looking all neato-keen. The problem is my blogging software, while it works great, is kinda weird in the setup. And I'm used to being able to abosolutely position everything, so me and it tend to fight a bit. And I guess the other problem is that I'm normally paid to do web design. Ah, but I'll actually put some work into it sometime. After all, the current look is just what I threw together in a couple hours as a placeholder, then never fixed. But until then let's go over the sidebar changes. Yay.

Alright, first item of business is that I completely got rid of the anime and manga links (one last chance for those that didn't write them down). Two reasons for this: 1) It's 2005. I think you people can find anime and manga info online by yourselves without my help. If nothing else there's this little thing called Google. and B) All the hits I was getting from Korean domains (Annyong ha shimnikka to all the Koreans out there by the way.) of people looking for manga was falsely inflating my hits. And I gots ta be keepin it real around here. Next up, you'll notice there's a couple more people on my friends list. First off I've added my bro (I don't mean that we're actually brothers, but in the sense that black people use it, which I think is more meaningful) Jonathan. I don't actually go to his blog very often, seeing as it's a heavy political blog. (You know like, that kind they talk about on tv and stuff. Not that I've watched tv in last two years. Ok, so they kind that they talk about on the internet and on NPR and possibly on tv maybe.) Not that I disagree with him at all, just that politics is not so much my thing. But it's a good site, if that's what you're into. Ok, and I just noticed that Zac appearently has a blog and didn't tell me. And has had one since October. But that's very Zac, so I'm not terribly surprised. Hmm, he needs to post more. Anyway, that's going up as soon as I finish this post. Then last but not least I've added Brenda who I really should have added awhile back since I've been on her sidebar for months now. The last change is that I've added two more of my favorite web comics and replaced those text links with jaunty graphical links (which Red Meat did not offer, so I had to make my own).

In other news, believe it or not my new found self-discipline has actually been working so far. Not only have I actually gotten a solid start on a short story I'd been wanting to work on for awhile, but I've also read something like 200+ pages of Jude the Obscure since Sunday. (I guess didn't mention that I also adopted the policy of having to spend at least an hour every day reading non-comic books.) But anyway, it's going surprisingly well. Appearently the first step toward motivation was, uh, deciding to um, have some. So. The first step towards motivation is having motivation. Damn, I should write a book. Anyway, motivation or no, I've already written a lot and it's closing on 12:30 and I wanted to squeeze in an episode of MST3k before bed. So that's it for me tonight. Hmm, I usually like to go out on a joke...

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