03/05/2005: "Policies"

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It seems like this always happens, I turn my head for a second and suddenly three weeks have gone by. And I'm like, no I swear I just posted, but you know, I didn't. Actually the thing is I was going to do this experiment last weekend where I was going to drink alot and watch vampire movies and post about it as it happened. And I started to, but most of the post was just me making fun of Van Helsing and, come on, that's like making fun of Special Olympics kids. It's just mean to make fun of anything with as many problems as that. Van Helsing was a special, special movie, with special needs. It would have been wrong to mock it.

Anyway, so in order to battle the ever-escalating creative entropy in my life, I've decided to adopt a new policy. Basically I've come to the conclusion that I have to write something every day. Whether that's a short story, some of my bad poetry, a novella, a song, or just humble blog post like this one, it doesn't really matter as long as I write something. It's just that, as I think I've said before, whenever I'm busy with work and school and that sort of thing I always think to myself, "When I get some free time...." And at current, I'm working around 4-6 hours a day which, discounting sleeping, leaves me with somewhere in the area of 70 free hours a week. And yet have I done anything in the past 6 months? Not really. Can I even manage to find a spare half hour to spit out a blog post more than once every three weeks? Appearently not. Well, no more says I.

Whether I can manage to actually go through with this policy will, of course, remain to be seen but even if I can keep it up for a week I'll have written seven somethings, which is more than I can say I've done the past several months. But really, I gotta get with it. I'm always one to deride those who spend hours upon hours sitting and watching tv, but it's not as though I don't fritter my time away any less fruitlessly. Example: I actually spent over an hour and a half playing SmashTV last night. I don't even like that game. I just started playing it to test out using the analog sticks on my controller and ended up beating the thing. That's irrecoverable time. I could have done something useful with that time. (well, ok maybe that's not terribly likely at 2 in the morning, but you know what I mean.)

Anyway, that does it for me today. All this resolution and determination is tiring, and I've been barely awake today as it is (something about playing SmashTV until almost 3am...). Plus by writing this, I can say that my new policy is already well underway. And you thought this was just a normal blog post. Heh. So long, chumps!

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