10/04/2004: "Distraction"

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In the immortal words of Cathy C and Kathy K: Mondays huh? Actually I do not fear the dread spector of the Moon's Day this week, basically because I did so incredibly little yesterday that the prospect of having something semi-important to do sounds like it could be vaguely satisfying. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing like a day where you don't leave the chair in front of your computer for more than an hour or two total, but all that doing nothing gets taxing after awhile. Who knows though, it might lead me to actually work on something that I want to work on instead of just being distracted all the time. That said, my druid is already up to level 11 and climbing, and I read the majority of Warren Ellis' Planetary. Of course it's beginning to disturb me that I have gotten no book reading done since we got back from the honeymoon. I read the first chapter of Noon: 22nd Century by the Brothers Strugatskii about three weeks ago, and that's the last time I touched a book.

Wow, you know it's getting pathetic when I'm lamenting that I spend too much time on one form of recreation as opposed to another. Sometimes I fear that my penchant for escapism will be my undoing.

So you may be saying to yourself, "Ok self, what's going on here? This is his third post since thursday. Did I click the wrong link? Is he somehow trying to compensate for the entire month and a half in which he only did one post? Does he think he can win my affections back after I was so horribly treated? Like three posts will make up for months of neglect?! That bastard!" But no, this is not the case. There's actually something far more sinister going on here. You see the thing is, I like to start off every day by having a tasty coffee beverage at the Roasting Co. Well, the thing is there's something weird going on with the WiFi here where it works for a little while then completely stops. So I'll be in here working for 20 minutes or whatever then suddenly there's no net. Which leaves me here with most of a latte and not much to do. And conveniently I just finished said latte.

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