10/02/2004: "Rum and leaves"

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Ah, October. I started a post yesterday on how October is my favorite month and how I was happy that it's here, but it seemingly got lost amidst a flood of open browers windows and was accidentally closed. Not that I really had much to say, so it's not that big a deal. At any rate this is the first time in about 7 years that I've gotten to enjoy October all the way though in a temperate zone. I love San Diego, and admittedly come late January I may be quite seriously wishing myself back there and out of this frozen wasteland, but it does not give off that Autumn vibe. There's just something about a month that begins with relatively warm days and green trees, and typically ends in rain and decaying leaves. Watching nature die all around you can be kind of exhilirating.

Meanwhile, not a whole lot is going on around here. I picked up my tube-o'-posters from my parents' house today and now the office room is coated in my fine collection of Ramones posters, plus a few more. I don't think Lynnea is crazy about the look but as long as it's confined in here she doesn't seem to mind. And since we were in California (Oregon has evil evil state-run liquor stores) I also bought some rum today, as I'd been craving some since I had this really excellent mai tai in Maui. If anybody knows any good rum drinks, send them my way. (I actually invented an incredibly good one once: Ceylon tea, honey, cream, and dark rum. It's such a tasty drink that I've yet to come up with a clever enough name to do it justice.)

Well, Peter Murphy just informed me that the sky has gone out which I suppose means it's the end of the of record and the end of the post. Next time I post I suppose I'll have to use some kind of sharp implement to tap into the more creative areas of my brain, because after reading this back to myself I realize that this blog is getting closer and closer to the Platonic ideal of Dull.

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