10/06/2004: "Cap'n Pegthumb"

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Hmm, wednesday you say? Alright, whatever. So yeah, I'm back in the coffee shop, without internet once again, though as always it was working until just a second ago. Which is slightly annoying, though not as annoying as as the fact that I seem to be incapable of waking up before 10-10:30 lately, no matter when I go to bed. Not that it really matters, but being married to someone who gets up at some ridiculous time like 7:30 or something every morning just so that she can have two hours to hang around the house being productive before school makes me feel a little lazy. Of course I realize that I'm more than just a little lazy (the term "horrendously lazy" comes to mind), but I don't want to feel like it.

So, it seems like I keep having these good insights and/or interesting thoughts which I mean to post about but then by the time I'm back at the computer, they have evaporated into the ether whence they came. However, I did discover something the day before yesterday that I thought I should share. It turns out that a normal household vegetable peeler can become, with just a little ingenuity and a little carelessness, a thumb peeler. It's true! And actually very painful. But at least I have my Hello Kitty band-aid to cheer me. And this is the second time in recent years that I've managed to remove a decent chunk of flesh from a fingertip during food preparation, so I'm getting used to it. And the last time was much, much, worse. In fact it makes me slightly queasy to think about that one. Plus being wounded gave me an excuse to drink rum directly out of the bottle, and I am always fond of all things piratey.

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