08/04/2004: "Blog Guilt"

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So there seems to have been a bit of talk about my not blogging enough. Which is likely true, although my current life could probably be described more accurately as a half-life lately. It's been a fuzzy few weeks now. The kind where I just kinda float around not really thinking about anything related to reality. Still, I do feel bad about not posting very much lately. For the last few days I've been heavily distracted tripping between work and making wedding invitations. Seriously, just buy them. Yes, our wedding invitations are very cool, and did not cost us very much, but oi. Working on them will eat your soul in a honey mustard sauce. Honey mustard I say. (evil!) Perhaps if we'd started working on them in any serious fashion before oh, I don't know, a week before the last possible minute that we could send them... (Lynnea is gritting her teeth and plotting my death as she reads this... yes yes, that is entirely my fault, I admit it). Also I've spent a bit of time on the skateboard. Or perhaps more accurately, off the skateboard. I am, how do you say, not so good. Though I think just skating back and forth on my parents' back deck has improved me somewhat. Somewhat. I need to go over to the nearby elementary school (where I went for K-8 I might add), and skate there, but then I'm afraid that there might be kids there, and that they would make fun of me. Ah, social anxiety disorder, I love you.

So tonight's order of business is food and apartment glancing. Not looking, looking would involve calling people and seeing insides of places. We're just going to drive around and check out what some of the places look like and then we'll call if we like them. That sort of thing. I tell you though, it's amazing, you get out of the city and rent prices drop through the floor. Everyone always complains about Ashland rent prices being ridiculously high, but we've been mostly looking at 2 bedroom places (so we can have an officey room) and they're mostly in the $550-700 range. Which could maybe get you a studio in the ghetto in San Diego. On a good day. So I have rather high hopes for the thing. Could even be fun, who knows. Ok, that's all the posting you get for right now, but seriously I'll try to up the posting level. Even if it just means confused muttering. Oh wait, that's a normal post here.

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