07/29/2004: "Excitement!"

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[Usual comments involving apologies for not blogging very much recently. Explantion of busyness due to trying to balance work with wedding planning.] Ok that's out of the way. So I'm back in the Roasting Co. again, my prophecy coming true. It's a little odd coming here since quite a few of the people who work here are people I went to church with back in day. And the great part is that with the exception of this one guy who I used to be reasonably ok friends with back in the early Scones era, I'm not entirely sure that any of them recognize me. Which could not really please me more. I like being a cipher. There is comfort therein.

I don't really have that much to say at the moment. The most exciting things I've got going for me at the moment are the imminent arrival of my skateboard, which will be amusingly mismatched colorwise, and a visit from my sister and brother-in-law and niece this weekend. If anyone wants to know just how mismatched my board will be, well, I've got the Element Bam Margera Forces deck (which I am crazy about due to its happy bat design), with black Destructo trucks and heh, Habitat Gall Mass Transit wheels. so, basically I've got a monochromatic red and white deck, with black trucks, and denim, yellow, and orange wheels. I mean, who knows it might not look too weird, but no, I think it will be gonzo. That is the only word I believe will do it justice. I am rather looking forward to the familial visit, I haven't seen them since Christmas I don't think, and Ed (bro-in-law) and I can perhaps get a good round of video gaming in. I haven't had a good round of two-player gaming in awhile, you know? I was even thinking of picking up Soul Calibur 2 (since it's only $20) and an extra controller for the Xbox (so awesomely given to me for my birthday by Matt). That could be loads of fun. Or maybe we'll just do some NWN. So yeah, amidst pain-inducing wedding registering, technical difficulties on the invitations, trying not to remember that we still have not acquired an apartment, etc, that is my life at the moment. (It's the etc. that kills you). Now you know. Exciting, no? No? Well, you may have a point.

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