08/13/2004: "Viva la Blog"

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Wow, I guess I haven't been feeling that much blog guilt. Man, has it seriously been over a week? I could have sworn that it was just a couple days ago that I posted last. I gotta up my caffine intake, this place is turning into a vertible SelfUnfocused (heh, no, I kid). So I'm typing this up on my shiny new, well, old computer, but just upgraded last night and today to an Athlon 64 3200+. Which is spiffy and should allow me to keep enjoying fine computer games for some time to come. Those chips are small by the way. Really small. Impressively small.

So, in case you can't tell I can't really think of anything to say despite my lack of recent posts lately. It's been same old same old around these parts. We found a nice apartment, a two story townhouse thing, with two bedrooms that I think will be pretty nice. It's not too far from downtown Ashland either so that one could easily stroll down to whereever. Or skateboard down as the case may be. I've actually made some marginal amount of improvement in my skateboard riding abilities, enough that I was delighted when I twisted my leg yesterday trying to do an ollie. cause hey, at least I must have felt like there was a small chance of landing it or I wouldn't have tried right? And other than that it's work and wedding planning and watching Christopher Guest movies. I guess it's just that whole feeling that I get in August sometimes. Where you're sort sad that the summer is coming to an end but at the same time you wish it would just die already so you can cool off and get on with your life. It's very liminal. Well, it's coming on 11 and there's probably movies to watch and beers to drink and the like. I'm gonna get a tattoo that just says "Remember the Blog" which will terribly confuse others 20 years from now and terribly confuse me 50 years from now.

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