07/25/2004: "Catching up with 5c11"

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Ok, so, I lied. But it's only a couple days later so I guess that something eh? I'm sitting in the Roasting Co. in Ashland right now, an activity that I suspect will be a frequent one from here on out. I don't really dig the whole lack-of-broadband thing, so I'm going to be trying to grab WiFi where I can until I get moved and hooked up. So, it's been one of those weekends that don't really seem to have any purpose in existing whatsoever. Lynnea has floated off into the ether (or gone to Portland as some call it) until monday, and the entirity of my plans for the weekend were cancelled for appearently no reason at all last night. (I'm looking at you, Jereb). Which was alright I guess, it just caused me to break my cardinal gaming rule and install Shadows of Undrentide for NWN, despite not having gotten around to finishing KOTOR yet. Plus I chatted with my dad for a couple hours, which is good. Bonding type stuff, you know. Definitely not quite what I had in mind though.

Let's see, I had a couple things I wanted to make sure I mentioned on the ol' blog at some point. Ah, well, first of all, I picked up the new Magnetic Fields record the other day (I believe it's just called "i"), and I really don't know if I can recommend it enough. I guess the Magnetic Fields are a bit of an acquired taste, but i is really a fantastic record. Lyrically you just can't get much more witty and sardonic than Stephin Merritt. I'm pretty sure I had something else to say, but I really can't think of what it is. Ah well, if I remember it will give me an excuse to post again later. So I've got a joy filled afternoon ahead of me of scouting out apartment locations and the like. Which is, um, fabulous I guess. Ah well, I think I'll cut this off for now. Although, I'm feeling farily comtemplative so I'll probably post again before too long. Heh, yes, I realize that I always say that. Alright well, vaya con dios, eh?

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