07/23/2004: "Generic Angsty Late Night Post"

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Ehm. Yeah, I know I haven't blogged in a bit. I'm not going to apologize. I was busy moving and the like. And actually, I wrote a post a couple days ago but I didn't have a net connection at the time so I haven't gotten around to posting it yet. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow, although that doesn't work well chronologically in my mind. so, I'm ridiculously lonely tonight. I don't know that I actually know why, I had a fine evening with Lynnea but once I started heading home from her house I just got horribly lonely and depressed. Which is where I am now. Well, I mean techinically I'm in my room at my parents house typing on my computer not just broadcasting this telepathically from inside some kind of psychological realm of lonliness. honestly, you read too many comic books. eh, whatever, this kind of thing happens a lot. I'll be fine come morning. so really I don't know what to talk about. just trying a little blog therapy, which doesn't seem to be working. also trying to resist the urge to just scrap this post as yet another in a long line of angsty, lonely, depressed late night posts that would be better off avoided. but the hell with it, I'm guessing that some of you will be at least momentarily think "ah, a new post!" which will give you at least the millisecond of vague interest (I was going to say pleasure but, well, obviously not pleasure) in seeing that there's a new post. joy. so, now that you've read this, sorry to disappoint. I'll try kicking a couple sentences at you tomorrow, or I guess more accurately quite a bit later today. perhaps life will seem a little more friendly by then.

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