06/18/2004: "Synaptic Reboot"

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The morning sun has vanquished the terrible night. Or something to that effect. By which I mean that after sleeping like the dead for ten hours my mind has readjusted itself. I seriously think that I go into an entirely different mode of thought while I'm with Lynnea, which is why after leaving her I'm always incredibly depressed until I get some sleep. My synaptic patterns need a good solid reboot or something like that.

But I didn't come here to talk about that today, came here to talk about the draft. (Heh, I'm just full of references today.) Well, I didn't really but actually I should mention this. It doesn't seem like it could seriously pass, but it's dangerous enough to pay attention to. I'm too much of a dissident to go to boot camp. So, speaking of snarking, for anyone who hasn't noticed, The Hurting is back online and Tim has already stirred up the hate mail. Seriously, I mean, I love comics. About the only thing I did last weekend other than get seriously depressed was read 40-some issues of Bone. I've spent the last year and some months trying (and failing) to get my drawing skills up to the level to at least do a mini-comic or two out of love for the genre. But who are these people that they have the time to write lengthy criticisms of other people's opinions of superhero comics? I mean, I guess I manage to consistantly write lengthy and whiny criticisms of various things (usually myself), heh, but get a life, will you people? Ah well, it gives me something to read on occasion I guess. Alrighty, well, I think I'll break off for now. Oddly I feel like I've still got some posting left in me but I'll save it for later.

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