06/08/2004: "Initializing"

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Danger! I'm posting for posting's sake once again, which means that I have nothing to actually say. Not that I ever do, mind you, but I like to pretend. Actually I was vaguely considering doing an intelligent post discussing my theories on the rise of millenarianism in American protestant sects in the post cold-war era, but I think I'll save that for awhile yet (Although I think that sentence was in itself the most intelligent thing that's ever been on this blog.) I'm just not in a partictularly contemplative mood at the moment. I'm more in the mood for sleep. Actually the thought of my nice warm bed is all but making me salivate right now. It's not that I'm really deathly tired or anything, I just missed my morning coffee today because the coffee hutt on campus that I usually go to was mysteriously closed. And I don't do *$. So basically my early afternoon coffee, which is usually for overclocking purposes, did nothing more than warm up the circuits today.

So I finally got around to starting Pattern Recognition last night. I'd been holding off awhile so that I wouldn't run out of Gibson too quickly, and because I read nearly all of his books back to back last fall and didn't want to get burned out. But from the first bit, I think might end up agreeing with Neil Gaiman's blurb on the back about it being Gibson's best book since Neuromancer. I've barely scratched the surface, but so far it's amazing. The prose is absolutely frenetic. Just reading the first couple of chapters got my mind working to the point that it gave me insomnia. I find that impressive. Also the specific mention Tarkovski's Stalker was delightful. I know that pan. I definitely know that pan. Well, it feels like a few more of my subroutines have come back online, so I think I'll get back to what I was supposed to doing now.

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