06/02/2004: "Doc, I think I've got the hypochondria."

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Alright, I think this proves it. I'm definitly some degree of hypochondriac. Not to the degree that I run around thinking every cough I get is cholera, but appearently I'm not too far off. I woke up this morning after a fairly restless night (three shots of espresso an hour before bed doesn't provide the deepest sleep it seems) and was sort of noticing that my right side felt a little stiff. By the time I got out of my music class at noon, the lower right section of my abdomen was feeling constricted and vaguely numb. Now, I've been drinking a bit more than usual the last couple of weeks so my first thought was, "Damn, liver failure!" which then made me think, "Or maybe kidney failure..." I wasn't turning yellow or feeling any pain or passing out or dying though, but I still felt damn weird so my brain kept working. After a little more thought, the constricted feeling made me think hey, maybe it's appendicitis. My appendix is swelling up and it just hasn't burst yet. So when I got to work I decided to check WebMD (or the Hypochondriac's Helper as it should be known) and find out what the symptoms of appendicitis are. Pain... in the... lower right abdomen region. Ah ha! Well, ok it wasn't pain but maybe it just hadn't gotten to that point yet. So for a good couple of hours I was fairly sure that my appendix was going to burst at any minute and I'd have to get dragged off to the emergency room. Then, about twenty minutes ago it hit me: I did some situps last night. That's why my abdomen feels stiff.

I think I laughed for about five minutes. Once again the words of Rebecca Howe ring true: "I am too stupid to livvve!"

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