05/28/2004: "Sleeping is good - You heard it here first"

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It's remarkable how much less evil there is in the world at 11am as opposed to 9am. I'm taking this summer class (so that I can finally graduate) and for some reason I thought that a two-hour long 10am class four days a week was a good idea. And it's not that the class itself is too bad, though it's a music survey class so of course it can be crushingly dull at times, but I'm a night person. Having to get up before 9 every day is not what I am wired for. Four days in a row of getting up at 8:45am this week left me feeling pretty solidly depressed and with an unceasing headache that made my eyes feel like they were about to implode. Not explode mind you, implode. But wow, one good night of sleep and I feel vastly better. Even the usual dark cloud of mental distraction that normally plagues the edges of my vision is mostly abated. I actually felt *good* when my alarm clock went off this morning. It's nearly miraculous. I guess there's not much of a point to this post other than to point out that I like sleep. Go figure. But I guess there's nothing wrong with writing utterly pointless articles (who would have guessed that hard drives were useful?).

Thought I would also mention that in case there's any SelfUnfocused fans who had given up on the idea of Matt ever posting again, he's actually been back at it for a couple weeks now. From the "Interesting Only to Me" department, I can never really manage to wrap my head around it when favorite authors of mine happen to be fans of the same semi-obscure bands as I am. I found it weird/cool enough when William Gibson mentioned his fondness for the Sisters of Mercy at almost the same time that I was in my Sisters of Mercy phase, but at least they're relatively well-known. Neil Gaiman being a fan of the Future Bible Heroes/Magnetic Fields strikes me as almost bizarre though. I know he's one seriously hip dude, but that just makes me happy. It's one those times when everything sort of comes together. Well, I guess I wouldn't go that far - retract that last sentence. Of course it could also just be that they're more well-known than I realize and it's been too long since I left my cultural isolation bubble. Then again, "Some of us can only live in songs of love and trouble, some of us can only live in bubbles." Always liked that line.

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