05/16/2004: "5c11 M081l3"

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So I'm sitting here in the Roasting Co. in Ashland on sunday afternoon typing this up on my shiny new laptop. (which, yes, I did get in a bit of trouble for, but I survived). Lynnea is sitting next to me researching some paper on Adam Bede (the mere concept of writing a paper on Adam Bede makes me sleepy, give me Hardy any day). Anyway, which makes this my first mobile blog post. Exciting, no? Don't answer that.

So I've noticed that semi-late night drinking combined with semi-early morning church attendance is not the best combination. I think I got somewhere around 6 hours of sleep last night and for no appearent reason my left eye is really sore so that it hurts every time I blink (a symptom which actually started last night). Speaking of last night I had a good time at least. Didn't do anything too exciting just hung out with Tim, Zac, and Brenda at Zac's place. Yes, *the* Tim for you Hurting fans out there. And let me tell you something, drunken Tim is one of the funniest things e'er I have seen. Tim doesn't normally hit the bottle you see, and he was practically bouncing off the walls after a bit last night. (In case Anne ever reads this, no, he didn't have *too* much). Definitly good times.

Ah, well, I can't think of much else to write at the moment, and it's getting near 2 and we haven't had lunch yet. So I guess I'd better wrap this up. I'll probably post again fairly soon though, not much else to do when you're on vacation.

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