05/10/2004: "Trouble"

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I got trouble. Right here in River City.
That's trouble with a T, and that rhymes with L and that stands for Laptop. Ok, so T doesn't really rhyme with L. But trouble is what I got. Or what I'm going to be in when it's discovered that I just blew $1350 on a notebook. I mean, it's not really that big a deal, I bought it partly for work purposes so I'll be able to write it off. What it really means is that I'll be working 5 days a week this summer instead of 4. I just know I'm gonna get a scolding or two, regardless.

Still though, it is one sweet piece of portable computing. It's a Fujitsu Lifebook S6120. It's of the "thin-and-light" variety (because not thin and light seems to defeat the purpose of a laptop to me) so it's got a 13.3" screen and comes in under 4lbs (w/o combo drive, 4.5 with). Plus, a 40gig HD (not bad for such a small system) and it's got the built-in WiFi. Mmm, WiFi. I can hardly wait till it shows up. I just can't decide if I should run Win2k or Mandrake 10 on it. Cause I sure as hell ain't running XP Home. Mandrake 10 is of course, the far more 1337 option, but I know Win2k way better than I do Linux. Ah well, that sort of thing will come later. After the immienet verbal (or actual) flagellation I get for wasting money.

Yes, I have been very bad. A very bad monkey indeed.

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