05/05/2004: "Virtual Crickets"

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My Trillian window displays a long list of gray names. My email box sits cold and empty with the exception of a couple 419s. It's been seriously quiet online lately. A little too quiet. I even noticed that by my hit counter that I've only had 3 hits this week, and I'm pretty sure those were me. (Which brings up the usual question as to why I'm bothering to write this...). Where is everybody? I mean, Tim's obviously up at his folks' house, but where is everyone else? What, it suddenly turns warm out and I'm the only nerd shut-in left? Alright, that's fine by me. You'll all be sorry when you're tan and in shape and, um, feeling good, and um...

Anyway, speaking of nerdism, I discovered, thanks to good ol' /. one of the best arcade games ever: EveryExtend. Don't let the fact that the page is in Japanese scare you off, the game is insanely fun. Not to mention addictive. I was supposed to be studying for finals yesterday; I played EveryExtend instead. I haven't been able to find the hidden boss yet, but my max chain so far is 58, which was cool. I also spent awhile with a couple of the games from ABA Games. Parsec47 is like, the most insane bit of twitchy eye-melting madness I have ever witnessed. It's good times. I'm starting to get this feeling that there might be a ton of incredibly cool free Japanese shooters out there. I need to investigate. At least that'll give me something to do in this cold silent internet.

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