Friday, May 19th

Blogging the sandwich

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So, Lynnea and I just got back from our usual Friday trip up to Nijiya Market, and on the way back we decided that we'd finally try out this Vietnamese sandwich place on that we'd heard was pretty good called K Sandwich. You know, there's a part of me that hates trying new foods that I've never had before, because often when I do they're good enough it makes me vaugely annoyed that I've never eaten them before. Such with Vietnamese sandwiches. I don't even know what was on mine (other than the pickled radish (daikon?) and the cilantro and peppers that is. otherwise all I know is that I got the "K Special") but cripe that was some tasty stuff. As Tim might say, boo-snickety good. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised since I've never actually had Vietnamese food that I didn't like. And to top it off they were around $2 a piece. Crazy, I tell you.

Continuing in the food blog vein (which I'm sure Lynnea is enjoying), in my spare time lately I've been reading How to Brew by John Palmer, and it's been making me continuously eye our 3'x6' kitchen and wonder if I'd actually be able to brew up a batch of beer in there. It certainly sounds like fun. I don't know if it's actually feasible in our tiny apartment though. Since I also have a few friends who are beginning brewing lately, I expect I'll probably sit in on their experiments first to get more of a feel for the process.

The only other event worthy of mention is the arrival (after two weeks of waiting) of the Kids in the Hall season 3 dvds we ordered. Which since we ordered them from kidsinthehall.com came complete with a trucker cap that reads "TV Rots Your Brain Like Crack Cocaine" which, while not, useful is at least amusing. Anyway, I expect I'm off to read comic books or something like that.

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Saturday, May 13th

Neither lovely nor wonderful

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So if you've been to the site in the last couple days you'll have noticed that I was getting heavily heavily bombarded with comment spam. Like as in hundreds per post bombarded. Which is in no way at all cool. But I managed to figure out how to A. Clear it out* (without clicking on each comment and hitting the delete button in my console that is) and 2. Hopefully block in any more from coming in. I can't actually say that the second one will work, but I suppose that time will tell.

Meanwhile, you might have noticed that I've been rather quiet for the last month. The odd thing is, I've had a number of posts I've been meaning to write up on various subjects which may or may not be of interest, but somehow whenever I come up with something, I end up being overly distracted and not finding the time to actually post. I'll try to write up a few things up before they flee my head entirely.

Believe it or not though, the last couple of days have actually been full of activity. The most exciting bit of news is that Lynnea found a job. She's working in a small shop on Coronado called In Good Taste that, to the best of my knowledge, sells things like chocolates, wine, cheese, and overpriced trinkets. Today's only her second day of work but she said she had fun yesterday, and it sounds like it's going to work out well.

As for me, I'm mostly spending today recovering from yesterday. The day started off with Pat and I trying to go dumpster diving for abandoned computers at SDSU. See, we had heard that college students would frequently get computers, not really know how to use them, end up getting them filled virii, decide they were broken, and throw them away when they move out at the end of the year. I'm still not entirely conviced that doesn't happen, but we definitely didn't go on the right day. Still, wandering around San Diego State checking in dumpsters was fun, if only for the weird looks. The other thing we learned yesterday is that there are way more Stevie Wonder fans in San Diego than you would think, and that a jazz tribute to Stevie at Dizzy's will bring pretty much every single one of them out. So my friend Jonathan's hopes were mildly crushed when we didn't get in, but we had a good time regardless. Well, I did at any rate.

Anyway, I wasn't actually planning on blogging today, I was gonna read. I just logged on to upload the current book cover and saw all the spam. Oh, and while Dracula remains the Greatest Book Ever, you can pretty safely skip Jewel of the Seven Stars. Ouch. Anyway, off to reading.

*By the way, for any Graymatter users (I think there are at least 5 or 6 of us) that want to know how to clean out the spam... just edit the entry's cgi file, delete all the spam comment lines, adjust the number of comments listed (should be on the first line), then go back into the Graymatter console, edit the entry and save changes (rebuild).

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