05/19/2006: "Blogging the sandwich"

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So, Lynnea and I just got back from our usual Friday trip up to Nijiya Market, and on the way back we decided that we'd finally try out this Vietnamese sandwich place on that we'd heard was pretty good called K Sandwich. You know, there's a part of me that hates trying new foods that I've never had before, because often when I do they're good enough it makes me vaugely annoyed that I've never eaten them before. Such with Vietnamese sandwiches. I don't even know what was on mine (other than the pickled radish (daikon?) and the cilantro and peppers that is. otherwise all I know is that I got the "K Special") but cripe that was some tasty stuff. As Tim might say, boo-snickety good. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised since I've never actually had Vietnamese food that I didn't like. And to top it off they were around $2 a piece. Crazy, I tell you.

Continuing in the food blog vein (which I'm sure Lynnea is enjoying), in my spare time lately I've been reading How to Brew by John Palmer, and it's been making me continuously eye our 3'x6' kitchen and wonder if I'd actually be able to brew up a batch of beer in there. It certainly sounds like fun. I don't know if it's actually feasible in our tiny apartment though. Since I also have a few friends who are beginning brewing lately, I expect I'll probably sit in on their experiments first to get more of a feel for the process.

The only other event worthy of mention is the arrival (after two weeks of waiting) of the Kids in the Hall season 3 dvds we ordered. Which since we ordered them from kidsinthehall.com came complete with a trucker cap that reads "TV Rots Your Brain Like Crack Cocaine" which, while not, useful is at least amusing. Anyway, I expect I'm off to read comic books or something like that.

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Yea!! Food Blogging! It's the best. I always tell you to post about the exciting things we eat. = )

[lynnea Fleming] on Sunday, May 21st

Interesting fact: K Sandwich is right next to the new Flood building. So that's good.

[Matt not of 5C11] on Thursday, May 25th

Indeed! when we realized that it was right accross from Kearny High we jumped for joy. We can order a big ol pile of sandwiches right before church and annoy everyone around us by munching on them throughout the service = ) just kidding. We probably won't do that, but the K Sandwich smoothies and yummy drinks are certainly a possible mid service snack = )

[Lynnea] on Friday, May 26th

How on earth is that cap not useful??? To my mind, the possibilities are practically endless...

[mary] on Thursday, June 1st

Oh my gosh! I totally said "we should give this hat to Mary, she would LOVE it! It is so her funky style." Matthew didn't agree, so don't blame me = )

[Lynnea] on Monday, June 5th

Ha ha, thanks for thinking of me!
You two should come bowling tomorrow night. C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it...

[mary] on Wednesday, June 14th

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