Sunday, April 26th

Seriously, world? Seriously?

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Current mood: incredulous

Wow, gee, world. I mean it's been a month since I gave you the gift of joy and yet nary a single comment. I guess there's just no pleasing some people. Or else there are no people to please. Oh well, at least when Tim linked to the Tome, somebody in his comments said that a friend was going to base a whole D&D campaign off it. If that's true, then I have made the world a better place, and it was all worthwhile.

Other than that things have been kicking along as per specification. Work, home, escapism, geeking out, nerding it up, etc. Time is passes at a dizzying speed. I expect soon to wake up incredibly old with no accounting for several decades. Really need to get out and do something with the ol' life.

In site news, I've finally updated my current reading list. Which is not to say I'm no longer reading the Poetic Edda or the Complete Ambrose Bierce, but I have a vague suspicion I'll be reading those off and on for some time to come. And they'd already been up on the sidebar for a couple years or something. The current group will most likely cycle a little more quickly. Believe it or not, literary criticism of weird fiction is utterly fascinating for some of us.

Alright, well, there you have it. Bob's your uncle. Etc.

Matt on 04.26.09 @ 03:22 PM PST [link]  [No Comments]