03/27/2009: "My gift to the world"

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So then... this week in my spare time I, for reasons unbeknownst even to myself, decided to write a random text generator (it's actually based on a program called Rager, but that one was written in Lisp and I know nothing about Lisp, so I wrote my own from scratch in php. Rager is almost certainly much fancier).

And for my first dictionary (Will there be others, or will the concept quickly get old? NO ONE KNOWS.), I decided to go for a random generator of gods and heroes, or as I call it:

It's loads of dorky fun, basically.

Currently the dictionary for it is somewhere around 7.7k, which can generate a pretty darn large amount of randomness. I'll most likely continue to add to the dictionary as long as I can continue to come up with interesting words that I think fit the theme. I was aiming for Robert E. Howard kind of feel , with the occasional bit of humor, which I think I hit pretty well.

There are currently three sections: Gods and Heroes, Insults, and Battlecries. The battlecry section is pretty weak still, I need to do a bit more work on it. I'm also considering adding artifacts, since all the pieces are pretty much there.

Anyway, go, play, have fun. Name your D&D character, yell exciting things at passersby, or just chuckle at the occasional double entendre. And if you don't like it, well, may the Bastard Wolf of Xithoune of the Pulsing Belly eat thine crotch. There, I said it.

(Incidentally, I'll probably release the source at some point in case anyone cares).

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Some really funny things come out of this gods and heroes generator!

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