07/12/2007: "Call my agent"

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So, I finally got around to watching X-Men 3: The Last Stand (aka X-Men: The Last Time I Let My Agent Talk Me Into This) and wow, what a bad movie. I guess it started out ok and could have had some promise, but then they kinda just took the whole concept and threw it away. Of course, it seems pretty apparent that other than Hugh Jackman and Hallie Berry pretty much all the other major actors considered it beneath them to do a threequel and had their characters rubbed cut out.

And now, I'm not as much of a nerd as to complain too much (not that I won't complain, but not too much) about them changing the source material (although it was wrong of them to make Marrow a dude) but at least give the previous two movies a little respect. They weren't brilliant cinema by any means, but they were at least clever and fun. Ah well, whatever. I'll just file it in the part of my brain where Star Trek: Nemesis dwells... the part that was a weird fever dream that NEVER HAPPENED DO YOU HEAR ME IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!


In other news I updated my blogging software again, which didn't fix the archives (and actually really messed up the blogging console...) but should have fixed the comments so that it doesn't tell you you're trying to "break the script" if you try to post anything. Of course I say should but that's hardly guaranteed. Meanwhile, I'm going to pretend that you've all been trying to post comments and have been getting errors, and that it's not just that I stopped posting for too long and nobody comes here anymore.

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I'm here =)

[Lynnea] on Sunday, July 15th

You are right.

[quop] on Monday, October 15th

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