07/11/2007: "28"

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So I was just now skimming through my old archives (which I did notice happen to be broken if you try to look at them by month... I'll have to fix that one of these days) and I noticed that, wow, I used to post way way more than I do now. Which we already knew. But even more odd was that picking a few of those posts at random they all seemed very chipper and upbeat. Not the usual "Man, life gots me down." or "Sigh, I'm posting. Are you happy?" or "This ghetto got me crazy!" that I tend toward nowadays. I wonder what happened. I know I've gotten progressively more shy over the years (though maybe I'm starting to come out of it?) but that really shouldn't extend to blogging of all things. Blogging was practically invented by shut-ins, after all.

Anyway, I guess it's my birthday. Woooooooo. Or something. So far it's been a pretty dull day, although I just got home from work and Lynnea and I are going to go out and eat Afghan food and fun things like that so I imagine it'll pick up.

Of course, I'm not used to having to go into work (or anywhere for that matter) on birthdays so it always seems a little strange to me. Having had a July birthday meant never having to go to school on my birthday when I was a kid, and most summers since employment I've been up north working remotely, which means that I've probably had to spend 3 or 4 birthdays ever at someplace I don't really like. But I suppose that's neither here nor there.

Well, um. Yep. I guess I'll go and frolic now or whatever it is you do when you turn 28. Cower in fear of shortly turning 30?

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i am the world's worst friend. this is what i get for not updating my calendar this year.

[mary] on Sunday, July 15th

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