09/24/2006: "Supplying continuity"

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So, I'm thinking that 2006 isn't gonna go down as the Year of the Blog for me. Just call it a hunch. Anyway, it's sunday afternoon and I've got pretty much nothing going on at the moment. It's finally Autumn, which is more than welcome after the brutally (well, ridiculously anyway) hot summer we had down here. And as I seems to recall posting last year (the year before? I'm not gonna go look...), Fall is by far my favorite season. I could be making this up, but I think my mind is probably at its most active during fall and early winter. Which maybe means more blogging? I wouldn't hold my breath but it's possible. Of course, I'm relatively certain that at this point the only actual humans who check this blog (as opposed to the hundreds of spambots that hit this thing a day - at least I'm assuming that's where the hundreds of hits come from) probably only do so once every couple months to see if by some weird chance I typed something up for once. Perhaps it would be fair to say that my readership has sailed? Or is that too bad of a pun?

I realized recently that I never gave any sort of report on either of my beers. First beers first, the Saison sans Experience actually turned out to be incredibly tasty. I've been holding quite a bit of it back to age a couple months, but the initial bottles I had were really enjoyable. Especially out of a tulip glass, since you get way more of the spices from the nose. As for the Steamboy... I'm still kind of reserving judgment on it. The first 4 or 5 bottles I had were awful... they tasted like pure plastic. However, that seems to have been because they weren't yet ready to drink, because I've had a few this weekend and they were perfectly drinkable. Not really as good as I would like, but not bad. The ones I had had been in the fridge for a week though, so perhaps that made some kind of difference? I'm not sure, but I'll try another tonight, perhaps one out of the "cellar" (or cardboard boxes draped in towels, as it could also be called) as opposed to the fridge. Meanwhile, beer #3 is in conception phase. It's going to be a pumpkin ale, and in fact I bought the pumpkins at the growers market today, although I won't be able to brew it until weekend after next at the soonest. Which means, unfortunately, that it probably won't be finished by Halloween like I was hoping. Ah well, such is life.

But what's happening next weekend, you ask? Next weekend, or rather on Thursday, we are schlepping ourselves (reflexively) up to southern Oregon (or rather back up to southern Oregon... we were just up there a few weeks ago, which I neglected to blog about) for Lynnea's friend Clare's wedding. Which I guess is fairly exciting? I assuming it'll probably be a good time, although we're not exactly thrilled about another trip up so soon. Especially since my parents are gone for two weeks to Ireland starting today. And also especially for me, since Lynnea, being a bridesmaid, will be busy with stuff much of the time, whilst I will be left on my own. Oh well, perhaps I'll be able to get a good amount of reading done at least.

So that's about all that's going on around here lately. My usual problem is that when I go too long without posting, I feel like I have to write a long epic post catching up with the previous several months before I can write anything. So hopefully now that I've written a nice solid catch-up type post I can manage to write a bit more from time to time. Of course, I'm probably the only one who's really concerned about blog continuity, but that's just the way I am. It's also the reason that I've never really watched all that much of Doctor Who... I tried to start from the beginning. Ok, well, I see I'm starting to digress, so I guess that's it for now.

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whoopee! you posted!
In case any of you readers (well the two other readers of this blog)want to know, The pumpkins are just darling. Mary, you'll have to come see them before they're roasted and turned into beer.

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