07/03/2005: "O Monday, where now thy sting?"

Listening to: Prefuse 73 - Surrounded by Silence
Current mood: post-insomnia

So I just popped in the new Prefuse 73 record I picked up yesterday and after less than a track and a half have already managed drive Lynnea from the room. I guess she just can't bug out to the funky beat or something. Anyway, it's sunday afternoon again but this time it doesn't count due to the three day weekend. As Tim would say, I loves me some three day weekend. As much I'm not entirely a fan of the 4th for what should be obvious reasons (such as the rampant jingoism and the often required time spent outdoors in the heat with relatives) I'll take a three day weekend any day of the week. Um, you know, as long as it's the weekend since that's the only time it works.

Right, so anyway, I think we're gonna go see Batman Begins in a little while which should be fun. I'll probably post back with my take on the movie later. So why did I post now you ask? I will refer you to the three (soon to be two) empty checkboxes under the "Writing" section of my weekly to-do list (which I guess I can't really refer you to since it's a piece of paper sitting on my floor). Actually other than reading most of the list is blank for this week, I guess it'll be a slightly busy evening tonight. Speaking of reading I'm currently on The Artificial Kid by Bruce Sterling which is a strange but fun book filled with decadent weirdos. It's a good time if you're into that sort of thing.

Anyway, that's it for now. I think I'm gonna go find out if I have any electrical tape and if I do I think I'll attempt some soldering iron burnination. Don't ask.

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