06/20/2005: "Reform"

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I have returned. To blogging that is, I've just been sitting here the whole time. Not that I actually stopped blogging I just keep forgetting to post lately and... Annnyway. But the main reason I'm back to blogging is that massive reforms are currently shaking the um, me. Or to put it less dramatically and more cogently, I've put together a weekly todo checklist for the purposes of preventing my brain from turning into an inert squishy goo. And since writing a minimum of thrice a week is on the list (and since I'm not often too inspired of late) I should be hittin the ol' blog a bit more often.

But really I needed the artificial kick, my brain has been more than just a little squishy lately. The fact that We has been on my sidebar for the past um, damn a little more than a month now, has not been due to any negligence with updating the graphic. Until today I hadn't picked the thing up in weeks. Which I really don't know how I managed that cause it's a really enjoyable piece of dystopian science fiction. Russian dystopian science fiction from the early 20s even, which makes it all that much cooler. But yeah, it's just been comic books and super nintendo for me lately, and though those be some of the most fine and wholesome pieces of entertainment available, they do not challenge my head very much.

Anyway, that's really the only reason I'm blogging at the moment: to say that I should be blogging a bit more, assuming the schedule holds. Which it should I think, it's much less demanding than the last one (writing something everyday? how I kept that up for a couple months I cannot fathom). On a side note, today marks 5 years since Lynnea and I started dating... let's all say it together now "Awwwwwww!"

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