05/15/2005: "Another scattered post"

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Well, it's another Sunday, and once again I can't really get into it due to the looming spectre of the new week starting off tomorrow. So it might be appearent that I've finally fallen off the writing wagon. Not that I'm not writing at all, I just couldn't really keep up the every day thing. I'm still writing more days than not though, so I'll consider that a small success. Still I had it going for a couple months so that's not too shabby. But as with all things of that sort, apathy sets in and the like; you know how it goes.

So not too much has been happening around these parts. Lynnea's been sick for the past week with some kind of flu or really bad cold or something, which means I've been doing more housework and the like than usual. I actually made dinner something like four times last week which wasn't too unpleasant. Even though I wouldn't really want to do it every day or anything, I do enjoy cooking, and I even mangaged to put together some really good chicken katsu and miso soup last night.

In other news, I've gone back to Neverwinter Nights again. I figured that I should take on Hordes of the Underdark before too much more new stuff with snazzier graphics came along to distract me. It started off a little slow but it seems to picking up the pace a little bit now that I'm out of Undermountain. Other than that all I've done this weekend is find a couple $6 Tragically Hip cds at an incredibly crappy cd sale (really I mean, aside from the Hip they had not a single cd I have ever even heard of). It's kinda funny how the Hip are practically gods in Canada, but virtually unknown in the US. I wonder if that has anything to do with two of the band members being named Gordon. It seems likely.

Anyway, I can't think of much else to talk about, but let me end with a special message to all those people whose blogs I read: Post something, will ya? I'm getting sick of seeing the same thing whenever I go to your site.

I'm sure you know the feeling.

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