05/07/2005: "I can see my house from here"

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So, I just got home a little bit ago from going to see Kung Fu Hustle. And you know, I'm not entirely sure that I can't say that it wasn't the best movie ever. Ok, maybe that's being a little hyperbolic, but really I don't think that a minute of that movie went by that I wasn't laughing or at least smiling alot, and that says something, coming from jade ball of cynicism that is me (hmm, that sounds like a D&D artifact. "You can do little to stop me Aelfius Riverwine, for I hold in my hands The Jade Ball of Cynicism!"). And Lynnea loved it too - we've both been breaking out into occasional bits of recollective laughter since we got out. For those that have seen it... man, that scene with the knives nearly killed me.

The other useful bit of information I've come across today is this really cool program made by NASA called World Wind. What it does is it's basically a 3D rendering of the earth (complete with place names down the level of creeks and canyons and whatnot) that you can rotate and zoom on it at which point the program accesses satellite imaging data and syncs it with what you're looking at. Admittedly the resolution isn't that high, except for a few cities which have been mapped by the USGS Urban Area Ortho satellite (I found Amoeba in SF without much trouble), Google Satellite is probably sharper, but this has the whole world. And it's free, just a quick 180meg download. Anyway, I think it's spiffy. And who knows, in a few years it might be just like the Earth program from Snow Crash. It's already pretty close...

Meanwhile, my blog seems to have inexplicably exploded after making this post and all I can seem to do is make it slightly better for now. I'll try to fix it tomorrow...

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