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04/26/2005: "Coughing? What coughing?"

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Ah, another warm pleasant day beset with coughing. But for today at least I'm running off the theory that if I pretend I'm not sick instead of accepting it like I have been, the virus or whatever it is will be tricked into leaving. Most clever, no? Excuse as I take another drink of delicious, unhealthy coffee. Coffee I would not drink were I sick. Mmm, coffeelicious. Anyway, a couple minor site changes I've set up that you may notice. First of all the obvious "Currently Reading:" section that's been added to the sidebar. I thought about it and decided that at least a few of my readership who I know might have a minor interest in what I'm reading at any given time. Other lit people. Not that I think anyone will be avidly checking up on me to see what the current book is, but you might find yourself at least thinking, ah I've read that, or hmm, I wonder if that's good. It's something to look at on the sidebar at any rate. The other change is a little less obvious, since it's nothing that you people can look at anyway, but I've fixed my hit counter. I think. Maybe. At least it's not exploded all over the sidebar anymore.

Other than those it's been an uninteresting day. I worked for awhile, drank coffee and tea indiscriminately, did some writing, ate dinner, that's about it. I did get some interesting and highly unexpected news about a friend of mine, that I'm unfortunatly not able to divulge until it becomes more official. Hmm, and Lynnea just came in and told me that her mom told her that whooping cough of all things is going around and I might have that. But it sounds like whooping cough lasts for months and causes near death, so I better not have that. Luckily I don't seem to have the right symptoms for that little gem of disease. But now that she's told me that, my hypochondria can have a field day and convince me that I definitely have whooping cough and won't be recovered until July. Great.

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