04/24/2005: "Cough"

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Aghck. Which is to say, somehow I'm still sick. Which is pretty much unprecedented for me not to mention heavily frustrating and a minor cause of depression this morning. And actually I was way worse off today than I was yesterday, which really doesn't please me overmuch. I mean, it's not as though I really do much more than sit in front of my computer and drink coffee most days, but being sick I really don't have the energy and zeal for sitting in front of my computer that I usually do. Plus I can't drink coffee.

But sickness aside, I didn't have too bad a night tonight. One of Lynnea's friends from school, this guy Dan, came over and we had some curry. Dan's a cool guy, I enjoyed chatting with him. Never bad to talk to someone who enjoys anime and video games and lit. Still, that's about the only thing I can say I've done this weekend, other than read a bunch of comic books. I decided I should actually get around to reading Grant Morrison's Animal Man, and wow, that was really good. Who knew? I mean, besides everybody else who reads comics and actually read it years ago. But whatever it was good stuff. I've also been reading some old 1977 2000AD comics, and in case you didn't know let me tell you, 2000AD is wholesome. Like, wholesome in the ridiculous, violent comic book way that has dinosaurs and lorry drivers with shotguns and other such things. Amazing all the stuff I missed out on when I was younger. Ah well. Anyway, as you've probably guessed by reading this so far, a weekend of sitting around being sick doesn't make for the most fascinating blogging, so I think I'll cut this short.

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