04/20/2005: "Devil pollen"

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So to my delight I woke up this morning feeling incredibly bleary and with a sore throat. I put together the theory over the course of the day that I had caught some form of malicious microbe from Lynnea, who has been complaing about how everyone sitting around her in her math class was coughing uncontrollably. But then about 15 minutes it hit me that it's spring, and last spring didn't I have a horrible sore throat for a few days due to allergies? And might that also account for my eyes intermittently suddenly feeling like they're full of ants? So, I checked weather.com and sure enough, tree pollen at the "Very High" level. Which on one hand is good, because it's not horrible sickness, but on the other hand is both A. annoying, since had I realized earlier I might have taken some allergy pills hours ago, and B. bad, because while I have an excellent immune system when it comes to fighting off disease, all that can be done for allergies is to wait for the pollen to go away. So anyway, I thought I would do a bit of blogging while I wait for the pills to kick in then go drive somewhere for dinner in my pill-befuddled state.

In other news, it turns out I completely forgot to write anything yesterday. Just didn't even occur to me appearently. Which isn't the best thing, but will hopefully be an isolated incident. But anyway, I think my throat has reached the point where it won't punish me for eating something so I'd better go grab dinner before it gets any later. I forget, are allegy pills supposed to make your bones itch, or is it just that I've got the cheap ones?

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