04/17/2005: "Epiblogue"

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And now for the exciting conclusion of our trip to Portland. We, uh, drove back. That's about it. But the spare tire appearently made it back just fine, which was good. And the drive wasn't too bad, we kept going directly from heavy rain to warm sun back and forth the whole drive, which prevented monotony. The only other stop we made was to Trader Joe's and Borders in Eugene. Not having a Trader Joe's nearby kinda sucks. I mean, we don't really need one since we've got enough other alternative grocery stores around to make up for it, but there's certain things from TJ's that I miss. Like the Pizza Formaggio di Capra I bought for dinner tonight.

So I'm just back home sitting here waiting for the house to warm up a little more and listening to this Sigur Ros record I got at Borders, which is jiving really well with the rain outside, to my mind at least. Not alot else happening. I just finished the short stories in the Borges collection I was reading, and though I'm sure the essays and parables are a good read I think I'm going to take a break and come back to those another time. I'm in the mood for something more narrative at the moment. I wonder if I should do one those "what I'm currently reading" type of things on the sidebar. Would anybody care? I mean, my reading materials interest me but probably wouldn't interest anybody else. Still the site's a bit dull, it might liven it up. Hmm, I'll have to think about it.

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