04/16/2005: "Travelblogue - Portland"

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So we made it up to Portland. Barely. Ok, perhaps that's being a little overly dramatic but we did blow a tire about 10 miles from home. So we actually didn't really get on the road until almost 3, meaning that we didn't get up here until 8. After we got checked into the hotel (nothing too fancy, just a Holiday Inn, but at least it has WiFi unlike the snazzy Mariott in Seattle) we called Lynnea's friend Anesha and met up with her so we could find some dinner. We decided to go to the Bridgeport brewpub since we were in the mood for pub food and it sounded fun. Unfortunatly the Bridgeport brewpub doesn't currently exist. It's currently a gutted building with no floor, or so it looked though the windows anyway. Which is something the online Portland city guide might have mentioned. But we eventually found some bar and grill type place a couple blocks over that wasn't too bad though I don't think we would have gone there when not starving.

And in another twist of plans, Lynnea just now realized that the conference she's going to is at the University of Portland, not Portland State like she was thinking. Which is on a completely different side of town. So I won't get to wander urbanly around downtown Portland like I was looking forward to. But that's ok, it's really not too big a deal. I really didn't know what I was going to do anyway, other than wander. And maybe find a record store or two. But anyway the conference starts a butt'o'clock am or some such time, so I'd best get to bed.

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