04/15/2005: "MiSTie water-colored memories..."

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Cripe, once again I almost completely forgot about writing. As far as I know I haven't missed a single day since I started this policy thing of mine, but it's been getting pretty sketchy lately. So I'm sitting here watching MST3k 407 - The Killer Shrews. And I'm flashing back to, man, it must have been 12 years ago now since I saw this episode. It was actually the first MST3k I ever saw. I remember sitting there in a hotel room in Arlington, VA with my dad. We were on vacation but we had nothing to do that day (if I remember right it was the night before that we got lost in DC and didn't get back until 3 or 4 in the morning which kinda blew the day) and so we were channel surfing and landed on Comedy Central in the middle of an MST3k marathon. We were laughing so hard we were on the floor. Ah, I miss that. My dad and I used to do that kind of thing all the time. Not that I don't still hang out with my parents fairly often but my dad and I don't do the watching fine comedy programs and laughing until we're in pain thing anymore. Anyway, the Killer Shrews is pretty good (not quite up to Jack Frost/Hobgoblins/Timechasers/Santa Claus Conquers the Martians standards) but it's even better for the memories. The weird part is I remember most of this movie, and quite a few of the jokes.

So in other news, we're off again tomorrow. Lynnea got accepted to read a paper she wrote at an undergrad literary conference (NUCL it's called) up in Portland. For some odd reason I'm looking forward to the trip. Specifically I'm looking forward to wandering around downtown Portland on saturday afternoon (I'm going to the conference the morning to watch Lynnea read her paper, but I'll be on my own for a few hours during the afternoon session). The concept of wandering around downtown, killing time going to record shops and the like is for some reason just really appealing to me. Plus we're going to the Rheinlander on Saturday night, which is a fancy German resturant with, if memory serves, singing German dudes wandering from table to table. And there's no stuffed like stuffed with German food. Mmm... schnitzel. So anyway, I'll try to post over the weekend (appearently most of downtown Portland has WiFi so I should be able to get on at some point) or at least travelblogue if nothing else. But for now I think the scotch is fulfilling its purpose (other than pure deliciousness, that is), and I think I'm about ready for some sleep.

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