10/27/2004: "Fun and Games"

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Wow, sorry for that sudden burst of silence there. It's been another one of those situations where every day I think to myself, I gotta blog, then I don't. Those will get you. Meanwhile, it seems that my brief look last time at Dr. Strange #18-19 didn't go entirely unnoticed. I actually got a link from fellow Dr. Strange afficianado Neilalien, whose site I've been a fan of for awhile now. So that made feel uh, I don't know, special or something. If you for some reason you have come back to my poor excuse for a blog: Thanks, Neilalien.

In other news of my currently incredibly uneventful life, I have recently discovered (much later than anyone else) a game that will likely be in my top ten favorites for some time to come: Anachronox. This game is absolutely classic. Really there just aren't enough comedy games out there. And when I think about it, the vast majority of my all-time favorite games are in that category. The Monkey Island series, No One Lives Forever, Freedom Force, and so on. Really if I thought hard about it and made a top ten list the only three games I can think of that would go on it that aren't funny would be Deus Ex, Arcanum, and Ultima VII (not that U7 didn't have some funny moments). I don't really entirely understand the fascination with nihilistic gore-fests (as opposed to Nihilistic gore-fests - no that's not the game I'm waiting for). I mean, they're good every now and then sure. Catharsis or whatever, but really I'd rather have a game that makes me laugh. Kate Archer gunning wildly at a mime while riding on the back of a large Scottish man on tiny pink tricycle - now that's entertainment. I'll take that over exploding zombie heads any day.

It's weird, I sit down with no intention of writing something like this then somehow I do. I'm gonna go get a coffee.

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