10/15/2004: "Geek addictions"

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Yo yo, comin atcha with a brand-new post ya'll! Nah, I'm just kidding. So Monday's Star Wars post wasn't actually meant to be the only one all week, it just sort of happened that way. I was a little busy tuesday and then I actually got kinda sick and didn't really start feeling better until last night. The thing is though, it was the most general sickness I can even remember ever having. I didn't really have any real symptoms, aside from a slightly scratchy throat and plugged ears, I just basically felt bad. It was kinda strange. Anyway, I'm feeling quite a bit better now, though perhaps closer to 85% than 100%.

That said I really can't think of anything to post about, with the possible exception of my sad continuing Neverwinter addiction. The thing is, I was going to take a break from the whole NWN thing for awhile. The I made the mistake of going to the Neverwinter Vault just out of curiosity concerning what sort of user modules people were coming up with. One thing led to another, as they say, and I'm now about 5 hours into an NWN conversion of the classic C64 game Pool of Radience with a new character, this time a female human bard. So far, I'm under the impression that bards are basically somewhere between a rogue and a ranger, only useless. Oh damn, a massive army of horrible gibbering pit-spawned things! Wait, I know, I'll sing at them! Seriously, what the hell? And you have to pour all your stat points into Charisma or you can't cast spells. Meaning you can't fire a crossbow to save your life, but everybody likes you. Oh, joy. Anyway, I suppose this NWN addiction will be quelled soon enough. After all, Bloodlines is out in like three weeks. If it's anything near what they promise... well, what's the point in codine when you gots heroin?

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