09/15/2004: "RUN, MORTAL!"

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In the immortal words of Sinistar, "Beware, I live!" You all played Sinistar right? Sinistar is the best. So I'm back from the honeymoon to Maui. I expected to be able to do a post or two from there but it turns out that unlike Ashland free WiFi is difficult if not impossible to find in Kihei. So yeah, the trip was great. Lynnea was sick for a couple days (streph throat - doh!), but we had a good time regardless. We went snorkleing and saw fishes, and we went up to the crater, and over to Hana, and around the south part of the island and drank lots of fruity tropical drinks and swam in the ocean most every day and all those things you're supposed to do in Maui.

And I guess I haven't posted about the wedding either, although I think a good deal of my regular readers were actually there. But for those that weren't it was a nice wedding and everything went well except Lynnea's veil falling off mid-ceremony which was pretty funny. And we had a good spread afterward. Man, those stuffed mushrooms were good. Not to mention the cashew chicken puffs. Anyway, so it's been a pretty good week and a half since I last posted, which is nice for once.

Still though, I don't think it's quite gone through my head yet that I'm married and live in Ashland. Admittedly I've only spent like, three nights in Ashland so far so that part is perhaps understandable. But being married to Lynnea is just like normal being with Lynnea except that I don't have to drive home every night. It's really nice but like I say it doesn't really feel much different. I suppose I'm a bit happier since, but that can't last forever. Heh, I can always find some way to be depressed. I don't know, I mean, we put some much signficance on all these events in our culture but then you get there and you're just like, huh, this really isn't so shattering a transition. Who knows, maybe it will all come crashing down on me one of these days and I'll be like, oh my dear sweet goodness I am permanently attached to this person now. But somehow I don't think so, I was pretty much permanently attached to her before. It's just slightly more documented now. And I have this shiny thing on my finger that says to the ladies, hey, back off. Or something, I don't know I'm tired. Did I mention that there was madness in Frisco with our plane breaking and so we didn't get home until 2am? Yes, that was fun. Well, on that note I think I'll drop this post for now, I've got other things to do.

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