06/16/2004: "somnia"

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Current mood: exhausted (once again)

Yowsa, I be tired. Too tired to even use real words or proper grammar. Hopefully I'll start waking up around sundown like the vampire I am at heart. Admittedly, if I had some sort of statistical counter to keep track of how often certain synapses fire in my head, the ones that fire off the phrase "I'm tired" would doubtless be in the lead by a large margin. At least I have a reason for it this time though. The thing is, Lynnea is in town for a couple of days and while it's really wonderful having her here, trying to make the most of the limited time she's here can be a little overwhelming. Or actually, since in my case I generally manage to make the least of any amount of time, I'll just say that it's whelming. Still, it's always really fun when she comes down because she basically forces me to leave the few small little sections of town that I inhabit and go out into the larger city. We actually went to beach and did some swimming yesterday. The beach. Me. Swimming. Not the sort of thing that happens in any normal sort of context. Nor probably should it, but it was a good time.

On a side note, for those wondering about the fate of my weekend last weekend, let me just say that except for a few good bites here and there, the pie of life is waxy and bland, with a sort of rubbery skin of depression on top and covered with that weird, oily, sort of hard not-really-whipped-cream substance that I hate. 'Nuff said. (wow, I have been reading too many comics lately. Natch!) Alrighty, well, I'ma gonna go back to pouring coffee in my ear in a effort to retain consciousness.

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