04/13/2004: "Talent"

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You know, for a time there I was sort of of the belief that there was little to talent other than an inordinate amount of practice. I read someplace or other that people who are good at drawing are mainly so because they like doing it and do it often. It's a good theory, but I'm beginning to wonder.

Admittedly I've only been on this wanting to be able to draw kick for a little more than a year now, and true I have progressed over that time. But what's really depressing is that I think I'm actually currently getting worse. I was plateaued for a few months there, and I seemingly finally got over the plateau and was doing some... well, ok drawings for awhile there. They were in proportion at least. I guess it was some kind of fluke because I'm back where I was before. I don't know what I was doing differently, but I guess I stopped doing it. I guess I'll have to give it a few more years before I can seriously give up, but man, it's aggrivating.

No big news, except that I finally bought tickets to Coachella last night. Tim will probably think it's a stupid idea, since he hates the Coachella Festival with a passion, ever since they cut the Chems' set short a couple years back. But I got one word for him: Kraftwerk. Oh yes, I will see Kraftwerk. Even if they get cut short too, at least I'll have seen them. Then I'll be able to reminisce about that time I saw Kraftwerk. You know, and the Flaming Lips and Radiohead and the Cure and the Pixies and stuff. But Kraftwerk is what convinced me. Well, I'm getting bored just writing this, so I can only imagine reading it. So I'll stop the rambling for tonight. Vaya con dios.

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